What we do:

ATISO recognizes Tanzania’s huge potential and priority for agriculture-led economic growth.  Therefore, we bring expertise to significant improvement in productivity growth, service delivery and post-harvest handling, including modern technologies and market solutions in areas aligned with Kilimo Kwanza strategies.

Provide solutions for branding and product standards for priority agricultural commodities through best practices and appropriate solutions that match global industry standards. ATISO promote value-addition and branding for unique Tanzanian cultural values and identity. This allow farmers and processors to fetch competitive prices for their products, improve marketability and overall quality.

Packaging / Supply Chain:
Establish industry standards for packaging in the country with the best practices and encourage public-private partnerships in packaging materials value chains. Use of locally-sourced materials is encouraged to promote sustainability. Eco-friendly resource use and technologies are been exploited. African packaging markets currently lack standards, are fragmented and at a disadvantage as companies try to orient themselves toward either the domestic, regional or export consumers.  ATISO match and identify competitive packaging needs based on the unique markets.  The opportunity is to improve product shelf life and mitigate crop spoilage in transit and storage.