About Us


Agriculture & Technology Investment Solutions (ATISO) is a private company whose mission is to seek and deliver viable solutions to Africa’s economic development problems. Working with credible African Diaspora and development communities, ATISO will seek needed support and provide appropriate technology and business solutions for specific communities and projects.

Our goal and vision is providing the best solutions to all our customers. Our company is customer centered, therefore, each customer receives unique solution based on needs. We are bringing all the experts from Europe and America to the Africa region, hence, expect top notch customer service and top quality solution.

Our Focus
Our main focus right now is providing solutions to problems that hinder agriculture, post harvest packaging, food processing and supply chain sectors in Tanzania and the entire East-Central Africa region. Each problem has unique solutions. Therefore, ATISO will assemble experts’ resources with vast practical experience and directly confront the most pressing constraints to the country’s priority agricultural industries. The ultimate goal is to; scale up agricultural productivity, improve farm and business income, establish best practices to sustain future growth and promote capacity building for local resources to sustain and manage programs of interest.

Our Team
Our company has excellent teams with different backgrounds including packaging, agriculture and technology.